Forecast this Summer Calls for Cool Cuts for Warm Days

MINNEAPOLIS, May 20, 2011—This summer’s most popular hair styles are all about convenience. Even caring for your hair has gotten easier, thanks to innovative products with pliable hold that still keep your hair soft to the touch.

“The bob and pony tail are in,” says Debra Isham, an Education Specialist who provides ongoing, post-graduate training to Great Clips stylists in southeastern Wisconsin. “We’re also seeing a lot of blended, dimensional cuts.” Another big trend this season is a huge bang parted to one side, going across an eye or touching an eyebrow.

Summer can be cruel to your hair. Here are some tips to protect your locks during the hot days of the season:

Wash your hair more frequently. You sweat more in the summer, and the oils accumulate on your scalp and in your hair. If you need to start washing your hair daily, use a lighter cleansing shampoo that has a low pH that won’t dry your hair or weigh it down.
Give fine hair more volume despite the humidity. In many parts of the country, it’s not the intense dry heat but the sweltering humidity that can make managing hair a real chore. As soon as you walk outside—boom!—your hair is frizzy and undone due to moisture in the air. Primrose and aloe, key ingredients in Solutions by Great Clips'® Glossing Cream, work great at battling humidity, and can be used before and after blow drying.
Got short or wavy hair? Keep a mousse on hand at all times. This is one of the best products to use in the summer! Even if you get a little sweaty or damp, you can scrunch your hair with your fingers and the mousse will be reactivated.
• Don’t take the radiation. UV-radiation from the sun can damage hair, fading its color and making it brittle. Reach for a conditioner that is designed to protect against environmental damage, such as Solutions by Great Clips'® Leave-in Conditioner. The combination of tea tree and peppermint found in tea tree shampoo and conditioner stimulate the scalp and remove impurities as they soothe, calm and invigorate the scalp.
• Your scalp is skin, too. Isham urges people to protect their scalps with SPF 20 Scalp Shield by Nixon. “How could you look cool if your scalp is peeling?” she asks. 
• Love to swim? Chlorine destroys the protein in your hair. To prevent the damage, wet your hair and apply a daily leave-in conditioner before putting on your swimming cap. This will help keep your hair from soaking up too much of the chlorinated water, and also help prevent tangles. To remove chlorine buildup in your hair, Isham says to use the Solutions Clarifying shampoo at least once a week.
• Protect your look with a quality finishing mist. It is possible to have great hold AND hair that moves when you are driving with the windows down.

Men’s cuts go retro
Short length: Men are still looking for soft, razored outlines. Hair is finger-length, touching the ears or slightly over, and sideburns are fuller but not longer. “Spiky with texture shows a bolder look,” says Isham. “This is the ultimate style for the guy who wants to get out of the shower, use a little gel and go. Hair lies closer to the head during the day. For a club look at night, add a stronger gel, pomade or putty from the Solutions Men’s Line. These are specifically designed for active men and require very little maintenance.”

Medium length: Razor cuts in to a blended dimensional look are definitely in. “Heavy bangs, full over the ear give this ‘60s style an update.”

Long hair: The retro shag is still in. “Keep it long enough to pull back in a pony tail at the nape. Keep the front and sides long, and angled in towards the face.”  

Women’s hair is care-free and sophisticated
Tanesha Manigo is a Great Clips stylist in Charlotte, North Carolina. She says slightly undone tresses are the trend for women’s hair. 

Short Hair: Manigo notes that the faux pixie has been spotted on the runways in recent months. She describes the look as “not as defined, but it’s more playful with soft layering.” She recommends using a pliable pomade to allow the hair to be touchable while being moveable.

Medium Length: Manigo says that a grown-out bob with hair that just touches the shoulder adds a slight asymmetric look. “The key is to make it look like it was done on purpose without sharp lines or angles,” she says.

Long Hair: “Straight hair is making a comeback,” says Manigo. She also states that you can incorporate wispy fringes to keep the look soft and full, not harsh and drastic. A pony tail is a great idea during the summer months. It adds sophistication with a young look. Long graduated layers can add texture and movement with the help of Sealing Serum by Matrix.

Boys: Boys who are playing sports this summer are looking for a very short haircut. “It’s an easy style without a lot of maintenance and it won’t get in their eyes at play,” says Manigo.

Girls: Girls with longer hair are opting for long layers, while girls with short hair are asking for a short bob.

Whether you’re looking for an easily maintained hair-do, or one of the hottest trends, there is something for everyone at Great Clips. Although prices may vary from salon to salon, an average adult haircut is $13 and a child’s cut is $10 at one of Great Clips’ nearly 3,000 salons.

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