Making a Great First Impression to Land That Next Job

MINNEAPOLIS, April 6, 2010—With the unemployment rate hovering around 10 percent, competition in the job market is extremely high. The first impression an applicant makes with a potential employer is more important than ever. Not only is it smart to stand out from the lobby full of people in identical suits and practiced opening lines, but looking professional also conveys confidence.

The first encounter is a critical moment in the interview process. Make sure that the outfit matches, the shirt is pressed, and above all else, look like someone the company would be happy to introduce as the newest member of the team. A new, stylish haircut may make the difference between “We’ll let you know,” and “Can you start on Monday?” Luckily getting the latest styles won’t be difficult for the money-conscious job seeker.

Men’s styles are versatile

Jesse Dolce, Educational Specialist who provides ongoing post-graduate training to Great Clips stylists, says that versatility is important for younger job-hunting men. “People are getting their hair cut shorter in the back and the sides: nice, clean and tight; and they are leaving it longer in the front.” He says that style can be laid down and look professional during the day, and can be styled to look great when out with their friends at night.

Dolce says that men who prefer a longer cut are going with the shag look. “Hair is still built around the face, and it has a lot more texture to it.” A scissored cut won’t give the desired effect. Razors are used to sculpt the hair, allowing for more movement.

Women are looking for simple, yet chic

Women with short hair are looking for a pixie cut that is tapered in the back. “It has a lot of movement, but it’s easy. They can wake up, wash it, towel dry it, dry it a little more with a blow dryer, and then piece it out with sculpting putty,” Dolce says.

Younger women with medium length hair sometimes want to look rather “Posh”. “We’re seeing a revisit of the Victoria Beckham look with an A-Line wedge. You’ll see that cut a little bit longer with the weight line starting at the back of the head and traveling a little bit longer toward the chin.” Dolce also notes that curls are making a comeback, especially for women with medium length hair.”

Women with long hair are choosing a face-framing style with swooping bangs. “The bangs are a little bit longer, and hang over one eye.” Dolce also says that the best way to control that style is to part the hair more to the side than usual. On the sides, the trend is leaning toward subtle layers. In the back of the hair, women are looking for long layers that blend into the back outline of the hair.

Bangs are also making a comeback, giving women a more youthful look. “I’ve heard customers comment, ‘Bangs are the new Botox’,” Dolce says.

Women over 35 still desire to look younger, but have a hairstyle that fits with their lifestyles. “Shorter versions of the same A-Line look work really well. The longer the hair, the more it tends to pull the features down, and we like to keep things up and exciting.”  

Teens are looking for work as well

Adults aren’t the only ones looking for work, as teens are trying to find their first part time jobs. Girls are no longer pulling their hair back into a pony tail, although doing so has kept their hair from being damaged. “They’re now trying to show off their healthy hair by wearing it with a perimeter-type of cut. They have a lot of long bangs and layering around the edge, but they are not wearing any layering in the back.”

Teen boys are getting into several types of styles, ranging from shag to the “anti-shag”. “They are setting their own stage for how they want to look. It’s a cleaner cut look for them or a long version of the Caesar cut, where the hair isn’t cut so short in the back.” 

Looking sharp isn’t reserved for people looking for work. Those who have jobs are concerned about keeping them. “Nobody wants to be told that they don’t look professional. We’re not doing as much clipper cutting as we had been. People are not taking too many risks, and they keeping the styles rather conservative,” Docle says.

Great Clips’ education specialists are dedicated to studying hair style trends so that they can provide ongoing post-graduate training for stylists from its 2,800 Great Clips Salons in the United States and Canada. With a down economy, saving money on a haircut is great way to watch the bottom line. Although prices may range from salon to salon, the average adult haircut is $13 and a child’s cut is $10.

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