Back-to-School Hair Fashions

MINNEAPOLIS, August 31, 2011 The summer season is coming to an end, and we are ready to take on the fall with a new, fresh look. During the summer we may have kept shorter lengths and layers to survive the effects of the sun and heat. Now that fall has arrived, and the pace of our lives speeds up, it’s time for everyone in the family to look fantastic with very little effort.

“Parents with girls: Avoid having your daughter’s hair cut with lots of layers, especially if you don’t have the time in the morning to style it. Instead, choose one-length haircuts such as bobs, or if layers are desired, go for long layers for a little movement,” advises Aileen Nunez, an Education Specialist who provides ongoing, post-graduate training to Great Clips stylists. “You will see little girls pinning their hair out of their face for the school year so they can see that chalkboard better. Invest in cute barrettes or headbands to keep their hair out of their face.

Great Clips’ education specialists pay close attention to the changing trends so that they can help stylists from its more than 3,000 Great Clips salons across the United States and Canada provide the most current, up-to-date styles as possible.   

“Boys love faux hawks because they can style it conservatively by wearing it down or to look fierce by pulling up their sides to the center to create a trendy look,” Nunez continues. “If you aren’t a fan of the faux hawk, boys also like the classic short layer haircut with textured ends for the perfectly messy hair look. Kids are just as trendy as adults these days.”

This fall, we will see the adult ladies growing their hair into longer lengths and layers so they can model soft waves for the new season ahead. Ladies will be playing up their hair with accessories as well. Fall and early winter is the accessory season where you see headbands and barrettes complimenting soft, flowing waves. 

Not everyone will be sporting waves. We will also see the classic straight, blunt shape styles with the heavy fringe and texturized ends. Those who had short pixies for the summer can freshen their short looks in the fall with a stacked bob and choppy bangs.

If your locks are damaged from the summer fun, the Great Clips experts caution you to give your hair a rest for the first months of fall. “Try achieving waves by washing your hair at night. After you have done that, let it air dry a little bit until its 50-60 percent dry then apply smoothing product with pliable hold. After you have combed the product through, braid your hair and sleep overnight with them. When you get up in the morning, put on your make-up, take out your braids, run your fingers through with some serum…..Viola! Your locks will have achieved gorgeous waves overnight without the use of heat,” says Nunez.

When it comes to men’s haircuts, rugged, fringed looks is where it’s at. Men are breaking away from precision cut look and going for broken up lines that are rocker-inspired. Men will still request the classic looks however many now want a creative edge to that as well. They also want versatility. This year, they want the option to wear a professional look yet be able to achieve their edgy casual look on the weekends when they take their ladies to the club.

Taking the time to piece their hair out with wax and achieve that messy bedhead look is still popular. The goal for men is to create the perfectly messy look. Another trend that you will see among men is playing up their fringe. (By the way, never call them bangs.)

Whether you go for straight, or wavy, there is something fresh that will be added to your look this upcoming season.  Keep stock with designing taffy and waxes because the season calls for definition for texturized ends. Be the first to start the trend and visit your nearest salon for your fresh fall look.

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